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In the tradition of Hitchcock, each story takes you on a tour of the unexplored areas of human existence and makes you ask 

How long could you … hold your breath while you worm your way over, under, and through the house of a hoarder in search of a box that holds your future?

How high could you … climb if you decided to live in the trees to teach your husband a lesson and accidentally discovered what your neighbors were up to?

How far could you … go to help a little boy in a dirty T-shirt who combs through an ashtray to collect cigarette butts for a neglectful guardian? 

How easily could you … sell your soul to give your wife the baby she so desperately wants?

How eagerly could you … lose yourself in the sixteen stories that fill the pages of the book in your hand?


Tom Barlow's stories have appeared in numerous publications, including Redivider, Best New Writing 2011, Sand, Fiction At Work, Needle, The Apalachee Review, Penduline Press, Vector Press, Thieves Jargon, The William & Mary Review, 2013 Best American Mystery Stories, and Thrice Fiction