What are Lucky Marble Books and Cup of Tea Books?

Lucky Marble Books and Cup of Tea Books are imprints of PageSpring Publishing. Lucky Marble Books are geared toward Middle Grade and Young Adult readers, while Cup of Tea Books is devoted to women's fiction.

What is PageSpring Publishing?

PageSpring Publishing is an independent book publisher specializing in high-quality novels for adults and younger readers.

What kind of publishing house are you?

PageSpring follows the traditional publishing house model for small presses. We solicit manuscripts, review them, select books we love, edit the manuscripts, commission cover art, and sell the books. We offer our authors a percentage of net sales, as well as a small advance.

How do you sell your books?

All of our books are available as ebooks and in print format. Ebooks will be sold through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online book retailers. Print books will also be available online, as well as in select stores.

How are you different than large publishers?

We are committed to developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our authors. Our authors tend to have a greater opportunity for input. We can produce books more quickly than big publishing firms. We handcraft our marketing strategies for each publication and enthusiastically encourage our authors to participate in the promotion of their books.

How can I submit a manuscript to Pagespring Publishing?

Thank you for your interest. We are not accepting submissions at this time.